Language & Region config tool of Linux Mint aka mintlocale is going to be redesigned.

Clem is about to redesign the mintlocale which is for Input Method for the people who need to type in their language characters , As far as I know, most of Asians needed  and some part of Europeans too.

First goal)
To know the packages for Input Method exactly by locale or regions.
As a result of this research, Default Input Method would be added in Linux Mint

Second goal)
Redesigning mintlocale to install / remove Input Method with ease.
In case of default input Method is not your favorite, you can remove and install it easily , better than now, it should be.
current mintlocale is not available to remove Input Method but install it only.

I hope you to take part in this issue and tell us which is needed for your locale and Input Method.

Please, share it and spread it to the world.

Thank you